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Natural Hair Care Experiments on Black People

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your natural hair!

You’ll only learn what works for you through trial and error.  I don’t mean experiment in an extreme way, buzz cuts, etc., unless that’s your thing, but with product and style procedures that you can control.

When I was younger, I would beg my sister and Natural Hair Care News partner in crime, Dianne, to do my hair and most times I would win out; (she might have a different story).  All that to say, I like the easiest route possible, when it comes to my hair, so I tend to gravitate to the wash-n-go style.

But I like to experiment with different curl defining cremes, each one giving my hair a specific nuance or definition, which almost makes me seem like I put in some effort to have a different look at least once a week!

When I’m more willing to concentrate, I experiment with twist-outs and braid-outs and adding accessories, to my hair.

There are many styles and procedures, with just as many videos on YouTube to watch, that will guide you during your “do it yourself” journey, without blowing your budget, until you’re ready, that is, to go to a reputable natural hair salon in your area.

By then you’ll be informed with how to talk to your stylist, so you won’t blow your budget!

A look back

Our ancestors from the Motherland were master stylists.  They are still not afraid to express themselves creatively through their hair or with colorful head wraps.  They often use protective styling as well.

You can experiment with the thickness and quantity of braids or twists, without added hair, to see what the outcome is like on your hair type.  Smaller twists, for example give my Type 4b hair a more defined wave pattern and larger ones more fullness.

Working with different products

Most experts say, you should give at least three trials, before you give up on a product. Unless you feel, the first time, that the product is just that awful and you absolutely know you won’t be using it again ever in life.

At other times you can just let your well conditioned hair dry naturally into a “power to the people” Angela Davis  afro!

The point is, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Unless you’re doing something harsh or drastic, (please don’t!),  you will not harm your hair by experimenting with products and styles.  If you do, by chance, become an experiment gone wrong, check out our other blogpost “GOOD hair, BAD hair day – The In-Between Times”.

Happy Experimenting!

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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