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Dianne Austin
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The Growing Popularity of Homemade Natural Haircare Products

You’re newly natural and you’re reveling in the many styles you can achieve on your gorgeous hair, as well as discovering a ton of new products. But wait a minute. Some of these products, which are exalted on YouTube videos and all the natural hair blogs you read, are expensive! That doesn’t make the products bad.  Some women prefer the convenience of store bought products.  But what’s a woman to do when she has salon tastes on a drugstore budget?

From a Health Standpoint

Besides the cost involved, not everything touted as “natural” is actually natural. According to the EPA, only 11% of the tens of thousands of chemical ingredients used in personal care products have been screened for health and safety. Women who return to their natural roots do it for various reasons, including health, so they tend to be better informed about what goes into the products they use.

It Makes Financial Sense

As many women soon discover once they begin a quest to find the perfect natural haircare products for them, these products vary widely in price. Some of them can be cost-prohibitive if your hair is very long and/or thick. You may run through a $25 bottle of product in two weeks’ time. Because of that, many women are discovering the joy of creating their own products at home.

A visit to a health food store or grocery can be a one-stop shopping trip. Not only can you find truly natural products, you’ll also find raw ingredients for making your own. Health products can seem less affordable than their commercial counterparts at first, but natural oils go a much longer way than synthetic mixtures. You can mix a batch of curl defining cream or daily moisturizer, store it properly, and it will last much longer than a cheap jar of a chemical-laden product.

Not everyone lives in an area where finding natural products is easy. Women who live in rural areas or in many places around the globe have to rely on their mixing skills in order to get natural haircare products. With the wide availability of recipes and online videos, this is one trend that’s taking off and will probably only get more popular as more women return to their natural textures.

Author: Dianne Shaddock

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