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Nourishing Dry Brittle Hair From WithinSometimes, no matter what we do, our kinky, curly hair just looks lackluster and dry.

I have this issue more often than I care to mention.  I live in a hot, dry climate, which plays a factor.  For others, the overuse of heat on the hair is the culprit. 

Even our genetic makeup plays a part in hair dryness. Then there is the use of certain types of hair products.  It’s important to re-evaluate what we are using in our hair. Chemical-laden hair products limit our hair’s ability to retain moisture and thrive.

Some of us may be burying our heads in the sand by ignoring the fact that our diet plays a role in hair health. The right balance of foods, work in concert with each other.  Without this synergy, the end result is natural hair that is dry and dull.

In Kate Abbott’s informative article, Everyday Foods that Nourish Dry Brittle Hair, from her blog “Coffee with Kate”, she shares with us the proper foods for a healthy, lustrous head of hair.  In plain English, she explains what our hair craves, and which foods will feed our tresses.  The added benefit? An overall health boost to your entire body.

We echo her sentiment to eat vitamin and mineral rich foods for healthy hair. Say so long to bad hair days… or at least dry hair days!

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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