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Black people, as we all know, come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Because of our past history and our present choice, the black diaspora isn’t any one thing.  Our hair is no exception.

With so many hair textures and a myriad of products on the market,  finding that right ‘mix’ can sometimes seem elusive.

Kiesha R. shares with us her recent joyful discovery of the Mixed Chicks products line now used on her own lil ‘mixed chick’!

As the mother of a biracial child, it has been challenging trying to find the right product for my daughter’s hair.

From birth to about age two her hair was very straight and the only product I needed was a detangling spray.  But over the last three years her hair has changed tremendously.  At age five, her hair has become thicker, frizzier and very curly.  I found that detangling spray was just not going to cut it anymore. My cousin told me about Mixed Chicks products and I thought I would give them a shot.

I purchased Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, Kids Tangle-Tamer and the straightening serum.

The first thing I used was the tangle-tamer.  Right after I washed her hair I sprayed it throughout and found it was easy to comb through and definitely got the kinks out.  I have also used it first thing in the morning to reduce frizz when I do her hair.  I have found this product works really good to detangle, but I did have to reapply it later on in the day for the frizz.

Next I tried the conditioner.  After washing her hair I applied a generous amount as directed.  It worked great!  Her curls were without frizz for most of the day and her hair looked very healthy when it dried.  It did not have that greasy or dirty appearance.

Last I tried the straightening serum.  I blow dried her hair with the product and found that it really did help to keep the hair straight and sleek.  I did have to use a little oil to lay down a few fly-a-ways, but I was really impressed by how well it worked.  It made her hair manageable for that entire week until I washed her hair again.  All I had to do was spritz a little detangling spray to her hair in the morning to tame any bedhead from the night before.

Overall, I am so happy I finally found the right product for my child’s hair.  The Mixed Chick line of products works great for us!

Author: Kiesha R.

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