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The Brothas Speak Out On Natural Hair and Beauty

One Sun Lion Ra

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Do black men really love black women with natural hair?

Women have conversed about it with each other and even blogged about it, but now there’s an event and the brothers are talking!

We’re also excited to announce that the One Sun Lion Ra, whose empowering song, Black Woman, is what you hear when you enter our homepage at Natural Haircare News, is among the panelists.

For you lucky New Yorker’s, the event is in Brooklyn on Saturday, September 29th.  You can get all the info and your tickets here – Brothas Speak on Natural Beauty.

I really hope this will be well documented for those of us not able to attend and hear their wisdom.

If you can attend, my sister and I would love to hear from you, as a guest blogger, about the event!

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