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Dianne Austin
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Mature Women and Natural Hair - A Photo GalleryYou wouldn’t know it from watching the You Tube videos, but make no mistake – women of all ages have joined the natural haircare movement, including our beautiful, mature, kinky, coily, curly haired naturals.

Heck, most older natural haired beauties have been rockin’ their natural hair for decades!

Check out our photo gallery of ageless natural haired women:

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Author:  Dianne Shaddock

Comment on this articleChanging attitudes about natural hair” is what we do at Natural Haircare News. Through informative articles, podcasts and videos, we go beyond just sharing the latest advice and tips on kinky, curly, wavy haircare – We shake things up and focus on the realities of wearing our hair natural. 

2 Responses to Mature Women and Natural Hair – A Photo Gallery

  1. Melanie says:

    I have a developmentally disabled adult niece with crazy hair due to a variety of ethnicities, including Japanese, Mexican and African-American. Her hair is literally like a wire brush and is pretty much impossible to coax into any sort of style. Is there anything we can do to make it more manageable?

    • Dianne says:

      I commend you for wanting to understand your nieces’ hair. The first step is to re-frame your thinking about her hair. Instead of seeing hair that is “crazy”, like a “wire brush” and “impossible to coax into any style” understand that her hair may be different- and not in a negative way – and that you are just unfamiliar with how to care for it. You can’t expect to style her hair in the same way that you may style your own.

      Curly/coily hair dries easily and needs lots of moisture so use shampoos without sulfates and heavy deep or leave in conditioners that will add moisture to the hair. Don’t wash it every day as that would be too drying. Washing once a week is ideal. After conditioning, follow up while the hair is wet with a finishing type of cream like As I Am Twist Defining Creme, or some other type of curl defining cream or gel formulated especially for “natural” ethnic hair. You could also try using a light coating of a hydrating oil like a coconut oil. Only comb her hair while wet, and fully conditioned and only with a wide tooth comb with rounded edges. It’s while it’s wet and well conditioned that you can either gently pull her hair into a ponytail or bun, or let it air dry loose. If you need to dry her hair, use a blow dryer with a diffuser or sit her under the dryer. You can spritz her hair in between shampoos with water mixed with jojoba oil, or with aloe vera juice. Reapply a light coating of a creme or gel and gently restyle as described above. Good luck!

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