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The Choice Is Yours

In the ongoing discussion on whether to go natural and why, the tone of some people’s conversation isn’t always pleasant.

One thread of the conversation, in the blogosphere, talks about natural hair and self-esteem.

I’m black and I’m proud

Who’s more black and proud used to be reserved for processed vs natural hair, particularly in the late sixties, and early seventies, but now it’s become somewhat of a divide in the natural hair community.

One You-Tuber I came across went as far as to say, that those who want to ‘define’ their curl pattern had self-esteem issues around their ‘blackness’ or they would just wear their hair in a picked out full blown afro.

I couldn’t be more in disagreement with that!

For some reason though, it got me thinking of blacksploitation films. You know; Superfly, Shaft and the like, where there was usually a scene when the most militant of black men inevitably showed up with a white woman on his arm. I know this was done cinematically to make a point, but the take-away for me? Ideology (nor an afro) isn’t always tied to ones self-worth – a ‘brotha’ or ‘sistuh’ can still have issues that wearing a Dashiki won’t solve!

One thing I think we all can agree on is that our self esteem shouldn’t be tied to our hair and that no matter how you are ‘representing’; natural, relaxed, or weaved, the question is –


What is your ‘why’?

In taking on any new endeavor, be it business, or going natural (or not) with your hair, it should be the quintessential inquiry.

Fear and Love

It is said, there are two things that drive us as humans, fear and love. Which one is driving you to make the hair choices that you do?

The fact is, we know that history hasn’t always been kind, to put it mildly, in shaping our perception of ourselves as black people and there was a deliberate mission to cut down our confidence and acceptance of ourselves through our self image.

But there is no reason now to keep nurturing that purported ideal.

Whether you’ve given it much thought in the past or not, now is as good a time as any to reflect and examine your perception of hair; how it makes you feel when it’s long, short, kinky or straight.

Are your thoughts about ‘nappy’ hair, the other “N” word, thoughts that have been handed down to you that no longer fit who you are?

How does the word ‘Nappy’ even make you feel?

What is your perception (or judgment) of others and their hair choices?

My feeling is, ultimately the hair choice is yours, and that one choice over another, has nothing to do with how ‘black‘ one is.  Just make sure the choice is… yours. A choice that is hopefully coming from a place of self-acceptance; mind, body and spirit.

Why do you make the choices you make about your hair?

It’s an open question but your comments will help us tremendously as we shape and grow Natural Haircare News to the uplifting, empowering and positive website we intend it to be.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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2 Responses to The Choice Is Yours

  1. Lind says:

    People go on and on over HAIR! It’s just hair . . . . Make a decision about it and keep it moving. Blacks are the ones who keep the crap going on and on, people are just not thinking that much about what goes on with what is on a black person’s head. Trust me on that one. Before you get all disjointed, I am a black woman who is SO over you blacks and your much ado about ‘nuthin”!

    • Pamela says:

      While I appreciate your response Lindy, this billion dollar Industry, for blacks and non-blacks alike, would beg to differ. On the surface, yes, it is just hair. Underneath, for so many, hair affects how one is perceived and how one perceives self – not just an issue perpetuated by Blacks. So, now we’re talking, at least from my perspective, mentality and treatment based on standards of beauty, a lot of times subconsciously and most certainly consciously. Many are approved or disapproved of simply based on the way they wear their hair. I agree, we as Blacks, can definitely hold on to some stuff but I also know, that is human nature, and not exclusive to Black people. So, do we bury our issues under the rug, even if it is “just hair” because a few don’t care to hear about it? As the article states, “The Choice is yours”.

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