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Dianne Austin
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New Natural Haircare Product Promises "Curls That Won't Back Down"

Have you seen the commercials for the new Dark and Lovely Product, “Au Naturale”?

This new line of natural haircare products offers an enticing value proposition:

You Have The Right To Unstoppable Curls…Never Shrink From Who You Are.

The products suggest “all day curl elongation with 6 powerful anti-shrinkage recipes with strengthening bamboo milk for coils and curls that won’t back down.”

That’s a mouthful! If you’re like many naturals, you’re looking for products that prevent shrinkage and provide curl “stretching”, so we wanted you to be aware of this new product.

Pamela and I haven’t tried it yet, but we plan to and will leave a review.

In the meantime, if you’ve tried Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale, leave a comment below, or on the Natural Haircare News Facebook and Twitter pages.

And be sure to check out the video here:

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale TV Commercial

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