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Giving Our Black Babies A "Head" Start

Teaching young black children to love their natural hair from the start, begins with those closest to them.

In those formative years, when we are teaching our babies all of the essentials, which they often learn by the example that we set for them, let’s not forget to give them constant praise and positive images when it comes to their crown and glory.

As Ursula Moon states in her article About Black Infant Haircare, African American babies (and most black babies around the world I would add), tend to have thick curly hair with specific hair care needs – not much different from our own.

Let’s help them keep that thick curly hair from infancy to well beyond when they leave the nest!

Read on for some quick, simple and timely advice “About Black Infant Haircare” at

Let’s give the ‘now’ generation and the next generation a great “head” start!

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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