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Hair Loss, Hair Gains: One Woman's Story

Image from YouTube user @upscalelacewig Com.

As a person challenged with hairline alopecia due to scarring from harsh styling, see Alopecia and Me, the topic always peaks my interest.

This touching video from Shamika (sp) on her personal experience with alopecia and how it brought her to being grateful and appreciative of what God naturally gave her moved me – I could feel her pain as she talked about it.

It also gave me a fresh perspective on my own alopecia issue and made me realize, in comparison, my loss really isn’t that bad.

You see, although Shamika discovered the beauty of her natural hair through this process and was grateful at how the thickness of it covered her baldness, her alopecia, due to scarring, is spreading.

With the major loss at the crown of her head she often opts to cover it with lace front wigs.

What also intrigued me is how she’s using her personal challenge to educate and support other women through her informative videos and her business, educating and selling lace front wigs, to women in similar situations. As Shamika also explains, lace fronts are a great protective styling method, for all women.

Are you or a loved one experiencing hair loss? Share your “losses and gains” with Natural Haircare News and keep the education going.

Check out Shamika’s story in the following video:

Author: Pamela Shaddock

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