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New Law Paves the Way For Board Certification in Natural Haircare Specialty in OregonIn order to be able to set up shingles and open a natural hair salon, you need approval from the board of Cosmetology.  But natural hair as a specialty is nonexistent in most states because the specialty has not been part of the degree process for anyone interested in working as a “professional” in natural hair.

You can in fact get a degree from a beauty, or cosmetology school, but most beauty schools don’t have a specialized curriculum that teaches students how to care for natural hair – so why bother?  Currently, most entrepreneurs with natural hair salons earned a degree in cosmetology – but learned how to care for natural hair by other means.

One of the main issues with being forced to attend cosmetology school for stylists interested in specializing in natural hair is that many have already learned how to braid, twist, and generally care for natural hair.  It’s a skill that has been passed down from generation to generation.  For those who weren’t lucky enough to learn these skills, the new bill means that beauty schools can now offer curriculum that goes beyond just learning how to perm, relax, set and blow dry hair.

A bill was recently passed in Oregon, (House Bill 3409), which gives the green light for that States’ cosmetology board to allow certification in natural haircare.  This means that anyone interested in specializing in natural hair, braids does not need to go to beauty school, (where natural hair curriculum is not being taught), in order to obtain a degree, but in fact can take the quicker, (and often less expensive),  direct route to becoming certified in the natural haircare specialty.

More state cosmetology boards need to follow Oregon’s lead!

Author:  Dianne Shaddock

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  1. patricia blunt says:

    Going from perm to natural.!

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