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Dianne Austin
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Video:  'Can I Touch Your Hair' - The Endless Fascination With Black People's HairEthnic black hair.  It’s the subject of books, blogs, podcasts, online forums – and videos.

There is endless fascination with how black people’s hair feels; how we make it straight, curly, kinky?  How do we braid, loc, twist? Hell, we have our own fascination with our hair – and why not?  It’s beautiful!

Antonia Opiah, Founder of, discusses her recent exhibit in New York which gave visitors an opportunity to touch ethnic black hair in its locked, natural, relaxed, and braided state.The exhibit was an extension of an article featured on the Huffington Post called “Can I Touch Your Hair”.  Antonia, whose hair appears to be relaxed, describes frequently being asked if “I can touch your hair”.  When she explored this phenomenon with other black women, she found that they had similar experiences which spawned the exhibit.

Watch the video for the full discussion.

Comment on this articleChanging attitudes about natural hair” is what we do at Natural Haircare News. Through informative articles, podcasts and videos, we go beyond just sharing the latest advice and tips on kinky, curly, wavy haircare – We shake things up and focus on the realities of wearing our hair natural. 

One Response to Video: ‘Can I Touch Your Hair’ – The Endless Fascination With Black People’s Hair

  1. Lindy says:

    Oh, contrare, it is blacks who are fascinated, curious, envious and desirous of people with straight hair. Hence, relaxers, extensions, etc. People aren’t fascinated with our hair, they assume that it is a negative thing and lesser than theirs and want to touch it as proof.

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