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Dianne Austin

Dianne is the co-founder of Natural Haircare News and Coils To Locs.com. She's been blogging about natural hair ever since she made the decision to break free of the creamy crack in 2012.
Dianne Austin
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Angela Davis

Angela Davis. AP Photo

The Root.com recently published a pictorial on the many black politicians and leaders who wear their hair natural.  You can check out the pictorial below:

Natural Hair Moments in Politics

I find the pictorial interesting because of the conversations in the natural hair world that centers around the pros and cons of wearing natural hair at work. What impact does wearing natural hair have if any in the political world?  Do you think that those who elect our politicians perceive politicians with natural hair in a negative, positive or neutral way?

Share your thoughts below.

Send us the names of politicians in your area who wear there hair natural and we’ll do our own pictorial of politicians with natural hair:  Dianne@naturalhaircarenews.com.


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