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NHCN Podcast 0010: Is Natural Hair a Fad or Here To Stay?

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Is the natural hair journey that has gained momentum over the last several years just the “Flavor of the Month”, or is it here to stay?  Listen to the talk show and then tell us what you think by leaving your comments.

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2 Responses to NHCN Podcast 0010: Is Natural Hair a Fad or Here To Stay?

  1. Kenya W says:

    I absolutely love this podcast. As a new member of the natural hair movement, I can say that it is not a trend for me. I missed my hair before I started relaxng it. I began to hate the “too straight” look. No definition at all. I literally missed my curls, waves, and body. Not to mention I was tired of the chemical burn, the irritated scalp, and my hair being hard to hold curls because the relaxer made it too straight. The natural way is the best way because I wasn’t made in a factory and neither is my hair.

    • Dianne says:

      Thanks Kenya for showing us some love! I agree that natural hair is here to stay. I also felt like I was missing something when I relaxed my hair. I hated the super straight look that I got after my touch up to the point where I’d add water to my hair to “kink” it. Doesn’t make much sense, does it, lol! Anyway, I finally just gave in to my desire for natural hair and haven’t looked back!

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