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Dianne Austin
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Senegalese Women’s Group Called “N’happy Galsen Find The Beauty In Their Natural HairTightly coiled natural hair is something to be celebrated, “especially the afro”. That’s why a group of Senegalese women decided to embrace their coily curls by sharing tips and strategies as well as providing support to each other through the group, “N’happy Galsen”.

The name “N’happy Galsen” is derived from the words “natural” and “happy”.  “Nappy” is not viewed as racist or derogatory, but a hair texture to be appreciated.

Members of this forward thinking organization understand that self esteem and pride are intertwined with how we view ourselves, and our hair. We should wear our natural hair proudly.

Blogger and N’happy Galsen member Mary Grace Agboton shares that [natural hair] “…is becoming a return of honor to the African woman”. “There are some who are saying, ‘We are no longer obligated to have smooth hair to feel beautiful. We can have our hair, and walk proudly down the street.’ ”

Author: Dianne

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