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Do You Have Natural Hair Depression?Is your hair depressed?

Well, okay, your hair itself can’t be depressed, but you can be, about your hair.

I thought about this a bit after starting Lisa Akbari’s book “Every Woman’s Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age”.

It goes something like this.

After a night of watching “the perfect twist out” and other YouTube videos you start to examine your natural hair texture and start to become frustrated, again, with your own natural hair journey.

You start to doubt your choice to go natural. EVERYONE looks better than you!  No matter what you try nothing is getting you the results you want.

After 15 plus years of being natural I hear you and can relate!


Ignore that man behind the curtain, as the Wizard says in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her Dream Team discover there is no Oz. That no one can rescue them from their plight – they’re doomed!

Now this is not to say that the women in these youtube videos are frauds – they are not.  They have played around with the controls (the products and techniques) that work for them and are sharing their journey with you.

They are attempting to give you inspiration and hope; that if you continue to do the same, you too will find the perfect combination to unleash your own natural hair lusciousness.

Here at Natural Haircare News, Changing Attitudes About Natural Hair, is what we aim to do. 

The first step to change is the way you look at your hair. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change right?

What I do to shift my attitude back to remembering that I had the power all along:

Affirm, Affirm, Affirm! 

“I have great hair.”  “I am learning what my hair needs to thrive”  and any other affirmation that supports being positive and nurturing to my whole being as well as my hair.


I’m just not that interested in putting the kind of time in to doing “the perfect twist out”.

Be of service

After much affirming I would then take the attention off of me and put it on other positive causes and situations.  Everyone who knows me knows that I am big on volunteering

Find a cause in your area to support. You think you’re helping the cause (and you are), but end up helping yourself so much more.  Consciously being of service is a natural high – pun intended.


I start embracing and enjoying the journey and work towards not getting caught up in the destination.

In the process, like Dorothy and her friends, I find my way back home.

Hair depression – GONE!

Now you try it. 🙂

Author: Pamela Shaddock

Comment on this articleChanging attitudes about natural hair” is what we do at Natural Haircare News. Through informative articles, podcasts and videos, we go beyond just sharing the latest advice and tips on kinky, curly, wavy haircare – We shake things up and focus on the realities of wearing our hair natural. 

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