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Dianne Austin
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Aolani DunbarHere’s a devastatingly heart breaking story of a young elementary school-aged girl who has experienced bullying by her peers because she decided to add length to her natural hair by wearing a weave.

Yes, this story has a little bit of a different twist.  Eight year old Aolani Dunbar of Carroll County Georgia has short hair and she wanted long hair.  Her mother helped her achieve her goal by allowing Aolani to get a weave. Aolani, who is biracial and attends a predominately white school wanted to have “long hair” like some of the other girls.

According to reports, Aolani has had a difficult time at school but the intensity of the bullying increased after she wore the weave to school.  Aolani experienced excessive teasing and worst yet had her weave continuously pulled and yanked while on the playground to the point where her scalp was literally ripped from her head at the crown.  She developed cellulitis and had to have all of her hair shaved off to deter a scalp infection.  Her dermatologist shared that her hair may never grow back in the area where her scalp was severely damaged.

Needless to say, Aolani is suffering from emotional damage along with the physical damage of her experience.  To add insult to injury, one of the two ringleaders only received an “in school” suspension.

You can watch a news report on the story here:



Aolani Dunbar image and video courtesy of WSB-TV News

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