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Dianne Austin
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Resist temptation to relax your natural hairYou’ve made the decision to go natural and you are in the process of transitioning by gradually growing out your relaxer.  Or, maybe you decided to take the leap into the deep end and did the big chop.

Kudos to you!  You made the decision to stop using flat irons, straightening combs and chemically-damaging relaxers to your hair and take a walk on the “natural side”.

But for many, it’s not easy to stop straightening our hair after years of fighting against our hair’s natural texture.  Despite twisting, braiding, bantu knotting, perm rods, and wash and go’s, there’s that question of whether this natural thing is for you.

Then, you open a magazine and there she is; that beautiful sister with long flowing, chemically straightened “bouncing and behaving” hair.

Somehow, it seems that she doesn’t have to put all the work and effort into styling her hair.

Bet all she has to do is a quick set or wrap and she’s done“.

Maybe if I texturize it just a little, it will be easier to manage“.

Or, you may be frustrated with the transitioning process and managing the two different textures of hair and think that it would just be easier to go back to doing what you’ve always done – straightening your hair into submission.

We should all make choices that work best for us.  But before you decide that going natural is not for you and you give in to the creamy crack or flat iron, take a step back and figure out why the process of going natural or managing your natural hair is frustrating.

Is it because it seems to be more work to wash and style?  Do you miss having longer hair?  Whatever the reason, take the time to first get to know your hair.  Many of us haven’t even seen or worked with our own hair texture in years! 

Take advantage of all of the great information out there on how to care for your hair.  Learn what challenges other naturals are having and benefit from their advice and experience on how you can overcome the same challenges.

Look into the mirror on a regular basis and remind yourself of how beautiful your hair is.

Learning to care and love our hair takes time and dedication.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s more difficult than other hair.  Once you understand what your hair needs and wants, caring for it is a breeze! 

Don’t give up yet… you are almost there.

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Author: Dianne

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  1. I love your view in this topic. It is important that we learn to like and accept our current hair style and texture on a daily basis which will aide our long term hair goals.

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