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Dianne Austin
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Blue Ivy natural hair controversy

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Ok folks – we really need to let this one go.

I’ve been reading for some time about the backlash that Queen B’s been getting via cyberspace from people who are chastising her for allegedly “not combing or brushing her daughter’s hair”.  As usual, when it comes to hair, most of the divisive comments are coming from the black community. Really? 

The collective “we” are absolutely obsessed with this topic. Just type “Blue Ivy” into your search field and you’ll be amazed at the commentary. We have absolutely no reservation about telling Beyoncé what she should or should not do to or with her daughter’s hair.

Over the last few weeks there have been a few pictures of Beyoncé, Jayz and adorable little Blue Ivy shared on the web.  If you check out the pics, you’ll see that Blue Ivy’s hair is a beautiful mass of highly textured kinky curly hair.  So what’s wrong with that?  Apparently a lot if you read the comments; almost all negative:

“Beyonce can’t comb her own hair how can she comb blue’s hair (poor baby).”

“…natural does not mean un-kept please just comb her hair.”

“I personally feel that Blue Ivy’s hair is past the point of combing. Those have to be locks by now”

“Blue Ivy would be so cute if they just combed her hair”

“With Beyonce’s money, team of stylists and PR people in addition to all the free stuff she gets just for being a celeb, there is not reason whatsoever for Blue Ivy to come outside at any given time with parts of her hair matted to her head, half-dressed or looking like she hasn’t had a brush going through her head in ages.”

“Ok black babies have it tough the first year of hair growth but this is ridiculous. HAT PLEASE!!! Billion Dollar Baby looking like a welfare recipient has nothing to do with building character. Wasn’t grandma a beautician??? Blue Ivy is still cute, even with unmanaged hair :-D”

Just more examples of how for some, the three “U’s” apply to ethnic, kinky curly hair: Unkempt, Unruly, Unacceptable.

When are we going to learn to stop hating on each other and accept what makes us different and beautiful? Not anytime soon so it appears from all of the comments. This is a baby for heaven sakes, but not even our young are off limits as we shared during all of the commentary over Gabby Douglas’ hair during the Olympics.

There is one comment that sums up the “to each his own” and “live and let live” mantra we should all try to espouse:

Everyone has something to say about Blue Ivy’s hair but she woke up in Spain this morning. You woke up in the projects and your rent is due.”

Enough said.


Author:  Dianne


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8 Responses to Beyoncé Backlash: What Does Hating on Blue Ivy’s Hair Say About Us?

  1. Carol says:

    There is enough dirt and trash around our own front porch and if we take the time to clean it up, we will not have the time to worry about someone else’s front porch.

  2. alicia says:

    Leave that baby and her parents alone. It is none of our business the what of their management of their child. You judge lest you be judged. That lady loves her baby. Stop imposing of projecting your thought on someone else. That’s mind thing posed on the blacks to not like anything of ourselves. This involves our bodies lips , hips hair, legs skin color that is all copied by the other race. They continuously do this all of the time and we accept the negativity. Pay attention the other race or races are laughing. We the black folk are so beautiful, but can’t see the forest for the trees. Beyonce and Jay are not that shallow even if you choose to believe that junk. Also know this there are people who will impose the same petition on you for other venues. Then nobody will be able to due anything because you chose to stand with and accept this numbness on the internet instead of petitioning to take it down. Leave the children out of this joke. KARMA is inevitable always.

  3. Drew says:

    This article is yet another example of how radical the natural hair “movement” has become. We can all agree on the benefits of maintaining hair in its natural state with no chemicals and little or no heat. But there is nothing unnatural about using a comb or brush to manage or style the hair and no justifiable reason for Beyoncé or any other parent not to maintain their child’s hair.

  4. BlueCornMoon says:

    You both are right.I,too,see nothing wrong with Blue’s hair. But if you’re in the public eye everyone’s got something nasty to say, especially in this age of social media. They can tweet nasty remarks because they know they’ss show up somewhere even if it’s as a bad example.I fuess they figrue,even bad attention is better than no attention. What sad lives they must lead!

  5. BlueCornMoon says:

    It shows that too many blacks are petty ,spiteful, superficial,and,dare i say it STUPID !! We all ought to be paying attention to how we’re RAISING OUR KIDS so they won’t be killing each other in the streets. Why do you thing there are these “stand your ground” laws ? So folks can shoot and kill our kids at will. I grew up in the 60s when our black parents raised us in the church and taught us manners, respect, and not to act like white folks think we are. It was part of our LIFE LESSONS FOR SURVIVAL. There were very few if any gun deaths among black kids where I lived. Nowdays too many black parents are into this superficial nonsense and their kids form flash mobs to rob stores, knockout games,s treet crime and terrible behavior in schools. That makes it easy for bigots to make such laws to get rid of us. It’s a crying shame. That’s the kinds of mess those Beyonce haters should be fussing about and trying to clean up. GROW UP BLACK PEOPLE !!

  6. Monique Agar says:

    It’s a shame how we as a people continually focus on the negative vs the positive. I honestly see.nothing wrong with her hair being in its natural state. To be honest no matter what Beyonce’ do people will critize her.

    • Dianne says:

      We would have to agree with you Monique. When you are in the public eye, this type of thing can go with the territory. It’s still pretty sad.

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