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NHCN Podcast 0015: Loving Our Natural Hair Shrinkage

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Some Naturalistas love wash and go’s regardless of shrinkage and others, well –  HATE it.

Dianne & Pamela discuss the social aspects of natural hair shrinkage and some unusual ways of addressing shrinkage found on YouTube; including how the dew point and vegetable glycerin affects hair shrinkage and curl definition!

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5 Responses to NHCN Podcast 0015: Loving Our Natural Hair Shrinkage

  1. Taylor says:

    Every part of this podcast was valuable and clear…

    Keep the info coming and keep up the good work!

  2. NaturalHairforReal says:

    I have used dew points to help me achieve a better style. I would look at weather.com or use the app Curls on the Go. Curls on the Go even suggests products to use based on the “frizz forecast”.

    • Dianne says:

      That is so interesting! Could you please share the process behind it and how it’s worked for you? For example, when the dew point is low/high, do you get a better style? Does a better style mean no frizz?

  3. Bune says:

    Somewhere in the podcast was some valuable information, but the important points were not shared cohesively. For me I would need to read the transcript to fully appreciate the information.

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