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Resisting to Relax HairI had in mind to write an article on “The Do’s and Don’ts of Going Natural .  Being the Natural Hair newsie that I am, I  was scouring the internet to see what was out there on the subject, when I came across this article.

“5 Reasons Not to Grow Your Natural Hair” on Naturallyluvly.net.

I decided not to reinvent the wheel and share with you instead what our fellow blogger, Naturally Luvly, has to say on the subject.

5 Reasons Not to Grow Your Natural Hair

If you believe your hair will look like your natural hair crush

We all have our own unique natural hair texture.  Your hair won’t look like mine.  If you believe using the same hair products as me will give you the same results, then I have a house, car, and boat that I’d like to sell you.  Your natural hair may look similar, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the hair of your natural hair crush.  Remember that!

If you haven’t taken the time to research

Whether you decide to big chop or transition, there will be an awkward hair stage.  Your hair will be short.  If you’re expecting your hair to grow overnight, you need to wake up and embrace the hair you have.  There are plenty of sites available to learn about natural hair such as Youtube, Fotki, and Google.  Use your search engines!

If everyone else’s opinion matters to you

Being natural, you should know that not everyone is going to like your hair.  Think about why you are going natural.  Are you doing it for yourself?  If you are doing it for yourself, then no one’s opinion should matter to you.  Confidence is very important when being natural.

If you’re too lazy to experiment with hairstyles

Natural hair requires work.  You have to learn what hairstyles you like and don’t.  Once you find what works, then you can develop a routine.  You’ll know how long it takes to do different styles and be able to plan your time accordingly.  Learning what works for YOUR hair is no easy feat, but that’s where research comes into play.  Learning styles will take time and patience.  You’ll have to experiment with different looks and products until you find what works for you.

If you think everyday will be a good hair day

Absolutely not!  There are times when my hair is frizzy, but I embrace it.  My hair won’t always be perfect and I don’t expect it to be.  The best thing you can do is to find a quick alternative hairstyle for those bad hair days.  My solution to a bad hair day is a high puff.

Do you agree with the writer at Naturally Luvly?

Are there any reasons why you would tell someone not to go natural?

Share it in the comment section below.


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