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Dianne Austin
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Kristina and Teaching Kids To Love Their Natural Hair

Meet Kristina, 12 and Jaida, 9, two absolutely beautiful young ladies who love and embrace their natural hair.

Their mom, Stacey shared with me that her girls love their hair and enjoy wearing their beautiful tresses loose.

Stacey used the homemade flaxseed gel recipe that we featured on the pages of Natural Haircare News, (courtesy of natural hair blogger Naptural85) for the first time on the girls hair and styled their hair in two strand twists.

Thanks Stacey for sharing these pictures with Natural Haircare News!

Leave a comment below and let Kristina and Jaida know what you think about their hair!

Jaida, Before and After


Kristina, Before and After


Author: Dianne

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3 Responses to Kristina and Jaida: Two Beautiful Young Ladies Who Love Their Natural Hair! (Pictures)

  1. Taylor says:

    Your girls’ hair is beautiful! When I was younger I had the same problem with not always loving my natural hair and wanting it to be straight. It has taken me up until last year (a sophomore in college) for me to love my natural hair. I hope you girls learn to embrace the hair that God has given you and learn to love it much sooner than I did.

  2. Natural Girl says:

    Awesome children! Kudos to the parents!

  3. Taylor says:

    Jaida and Kristina – you are so beautiful. I love your natural hair!

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