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Dianne Austin
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Felicia Leatherwood Month -  Felicia Shares How She Started Working With Natural Hair

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We shared on the blog that this is Felicia Leatherwood Month at Natural Haircare News. I was fortunate enough to hear Felicia speak at a natural hair event in the Boston area last February and during the month of March, I’ll be sharing the tips that I learned; many of which I’m guessing she’s shared with her celebrity clients! But don’t get me wrong; “Lady L” is down to earth, real people.  She cares about all of her clients and that came through during the workshop.

Here’s what Felicia shared about her natural hair journey from the stylist perspective:

Felicia started her career like many stylists who work on ethnic hair by servicing clients interested in straightening and relaxing their hair.  But she found it difficult to get the consistency from relaxers as a hair stylist.  Leatherwood shared that there are “so many factors that can affect the outcome of relaxers such as diet, medications…”  She began to learn and understand natural hair and started to move away from straightening and relaxing. Felicia revealed that she “never liked the smell of the smoke going up her nose!”

Reflecting on natural hair and the movement towards wearing our hair natural, she shared that she’s excited that the natural hair movement is growing by “leaps and bounds” and how as women, “we never knew what our natural kinks and curls looked like.”  “Not everyone will have the same experience with being natural… we are all different.”  What is wonderful about natural hair is that we all look different.”

In our next post, we’ll share what Felicia has identified as the top concerns of women with natural hair.

Author: Dianne

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