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Dianne Austin
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Is Your Man Supportive Of Your Natural Hair? [Video]What if you decided to finally go natural and stop using relaxers, and nix the weaves, only to find out that your man hates the curls and coils that you were born with?

Husband and wife Love and McLea were faced with this very problem and they spoke about it on The Steve Harvey Show. Love said that they were together for 9 years and when they first met, she wore weaves. It was only three years ago that she decided to wear her hair natural after a bad experience with a weave.

According to Love, when her husband saw her natural hair for the first time, he actually ran out of the house!

For his part, McLea said that he “understands” how long it could take for natural hair to grow out and he tries to be supportive of his beautiful wife, but lamented that he wished there were more styles Love could do with her hair to make it more ‘appealing’. Steve Harvey asked Love how she felt about what her husband shared to which she replied:

“No wife wants to hear that their husband is not attracted to their natural beauty, so of course it makes me feel bad. But I feel like I am to blame for this because I’ve been wearing weaves since I could talk and he’s never really seen me in this state. So it kind of feels like it’s my fault.”

Love added that if her husband is more supportive of her natural curls, she’ll wear it more. She also shared how overwhelming the process of going natural has been for her because she is at a loss as to how to style her hair.

Luckily for the couple, Steve brought in natural hair blogger Nikki Walton who offered advice to Love on her natural hair journey as well as some of the great styles that she can try on her hair. You can watch the video of the show below:



Is your man supportive of you wearing your hair natural, or is he more like McLea? Do you, like Love, blame yourself if your man can’t accept your natural curls?

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