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How To Achieve Second-Day HairLove just washed natural hair!  Whether you employ wash and go’s or set your hair in rollers, braids or twists, it looks great on the first day.  But how do you keep that perfect look for more than one day? For many naturals, getting their ‘do’ to last for 48 hours or more is a challenge. But second-day (or even third- or fourth-day) hair IS achievable.

Make sure you start with a solid, moisture-based regimen beginning with day one of the styling process. Set your chosen style – straw set, twist out, braid out, or roller set with good quality styling products. Use non-alcoholic gels or styling butters to help retain moisture and reduce frizz.

Follow these protective measures to help your curls last through the night:

1. Moisturize before bed

Dry hair won’t set well or stay in place so make sure you apply a light spritz of a water-based moisturizer that contains oil before bed. The oil will seal in the moisture.

2. Protect your hair

Pineappling or tying your hair up in a loose high ponytail is a great way to preserve your curls. If you have short hair, section your hair and tie each section loosely with a scrunchie. Other methods of curl preservation some naturals use include rebraiding, bunning, bantu knots or retwisting. When pineappling, knotting or twisting, be gentle and do not stretch your coils too far. Cover up your hair with a satin scarf and sleep on a satin or silk pillow case.

3. Moisturize in the morning

Lightly spritz your hair if needed and then fluff it using your fingers to revive it.

4. Have a backup plan

In case your second-day hair attempt fizzles, a backup hairstyle plan will save the day. Opt for a fierce updo or rock a funky hair accessory like a headband.  Or simply pin your hair to the other side for a fashionable twist to the loose natural hairstyle. Re-train your thoughts about what looks good when it comes to hair.  Second, third, and fourth day hair can look great just because it’s not set perfectly.

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