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The LOC Method for Type 4 Hair

Type 4 hair tends to crave more moisture than other types of hair. If you have this type of hair and you are struggling to keep it happy and moisturized, you might want to look into the LOC method.

LOC is an abbreviation for leave in conditioner, oil and cream. It is a method used by many curlies and it has shown some really good results as far as retaining hair moisture goes. Many ladies claim to be able to go for days without the need to re-moisturize their hair using this method!

The LOC method involves applying leave in conditioner, oil and cream in layers and in a specific order to lock moisture in. Oil and butter-based creams are excellent at keeping most of the moisture in the hair.

It is easy to add the LOC method in your hair care regimen because it does not require you to use new products. You probably already own leave-in conditioners, oils and butter creams so all you need to do is apply these in your hair in the order suggested by the method. shares the directions on how to use the LOC method on Type 4 hair as well as a note on porosity and alternative products.


Step 1 – Apply a moisturizing water-based leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair

Step 2 – Apply a thin layer of oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture

Step 3 – Apply a butter-based, creamy moisturizer to your hair to seal that moisture in

Once done feel free to use your regular styling products to style your hair as normal.


The LOC method will work best for Type 4 coilies as our coils and kinks are typically very thirsty. However, keep in mind that porosity will also determine whether or not this method works for you.

If your hair is normal to high porosity then you should have no problem with layering products on your hair. However, if you are a low porosity curly and attempt this method you could run the risk of having hair that is limp and oily and experience a lot of product build up. Lastly, if you’re not a Type 4 curly but still struggle with moisture retention then give the LOC method a try – it just might work.


As with all things curly hair related it’s all about trial and error so if your current routine isn’t quite cutting it then give this method a try and modify it to suit your needs.

If your curls are easily weighed down, or if you suffer from product build up you can limit the number of products you apply to your hair by applying a creamy or buttery product as your styler.

Also for curlies who are not strictly au naturel, you could swap out the oil for a silicone serum and replace the cream layer with grease which has since made a comeback in the natural haired community.

Make sure you try it out for at least 2 weeks or three wash sessions before deciding if it works.

As always remember to have love peace and curly haired bliss.

Author: Pamela

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2 Responses to The LOC Method for Type 4 Hair

  1. Renee says:

    I have used this method before and it works. However my hair is greasy afterwards. Is there another way to not be so greasy?

    • Dianne says:

      I don’t have that problem. I think that it may be either the products that you are using or that you may be using too much product.

      I have done well with a combo of the following products: Karen’s Body Beautiful Leave In, Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Styling Pomade, Eden Body Works Curl Defining Cream. I’ve had my Darcy’s and Eden Bodyworks for 3 months and I’m only half done with both jars. Love these products because they aren’t overly greasy and seem to soak into the hair and you don’t have to overuse to get results.

      Try using less of your current products and see if that helps. You may see a difference with your current products.

      I found with both Darcy’s and Eden Body Works products that a little truly goes a long way. Don’t use too much. The Coconut Pomade can also be used as a sealer so I will apply a very light amount to the ends after twisting.

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