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Dianne Austin
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Self Esteem and Natural Hair: Empowering Young Girls To Love Their Kinks and Curls

There have been more stories in the news of young girls who have experienced bullying or who have been treated differently simply because they chose to not straighten their hair.

From the ban of afro puffs and braids at a school in Ohio, to the young girl in Florida who experienced repeated bullying and faced being expelled from school because she chose to wear her hair natural, one would think that there is an all out war in some sectors against our young girls who are embracing their natural hair.

How can we teach our kids to embrace their natural hair when they are being made to feel different or ‘less than’ for choosing to wear their hair the way that it grows out of their heads?

1. Confirm for your child on a regular basis that they are beautiful; from the top of their heads down to their toes.  These types of positive affirmations from the people who are most important in their lives – their parents and caregivers will help to reassure and reinforce their love of self.

2. Don’t use negative terms when talking about hair.  Yes, natural hair takes getting used to, but that is because many of us aren’t used to working with our natural texture.   All too often, we use the terms “thick”, “kinky”, “curly”, “nappy” and other descriptors in a negative way when it comes to describing our hair.  Flip the script and speak in positive terms.

3. Do not let others spew negativity about your child’s natural hair.  Address issues as they arise so your child knows that cynical comments are unacceptable.

To learn more tips on how to talk to your child, read the article, Engage Your Daughter On Her Natural Hair Journey: Here’s How.

Author: Dianne

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