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The Daily Show Deploys ‘Operation Black Hair’ To Try and Educate White Army Men About Natural Hair

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Remember Army Regulation 670-1, that military regulation ruling banning black women from wearing natural hairstyles like dreadlocks and two-strand twists but allows hair relaxing, cornrows, micro-braids and wigs? Well, The Daily Show has taken on the issue in a comedic way.

Jessica Williams, with her trademark hilarious way of presenting news, has put together this short skit titled Operation Black Hair. The idea behind the segment is if the military people who have implemented the ban were educated about the nature of black hair, then the ban would not have happened at all.

Watch Williams as she interviews Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs who started the White House Petition asking the military to reconsider the regulation. Williams also attempts to educate a military blogger, retired Lt Cdr Thomas Cheever, whose main advice to black female soldiers is to just “Suck it up!”.

Education through humor sometimes is the only way to go. Kudos to Jessica and The Daily Show.



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