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5 Tried And Tested Ways To Stop Hair BreakageCurly, coily, kinky hair types are more prone to breakage than straight hair. Breakage is so much a part of natural black hair that it is virtually impossible to completely eliminate this problem. However, the good news is, there are ways to prevent and minimize breakage.

1. Know what causes your hair breakage

For many naturalistas, the way they manipulate their curls and the products they use on their hair contribute to hair breakage. Assess your hair care routine to determine if you are actually encouraging breakage. How do you detangle? Do you use your fingers or a comb? What kind of comb do you use? How often do you change your hairstyle? Do you protective style? Being careless in manipulating your hair or doing anything in excess can contribute to hair breakage.

2. Always deep condition

Deep conditioning helps boost moisture which prevents breakage. Deep condition your hair once a week and see if you don’t notice less breakage.

3. Do not detangle wet hair

Wet curly hair is fragile, so it is not advisable to work with your hair when it is wet. Before detangling, mist your hair lightly just to dampen it and then use a wide-toothed comb (I actually like to use my fingers) to get rid of tangles.

4. Let those dead ends go

It’s hard to let go sometimes, I know, but split ends are damaged and weak and can no longer be repaired no matter what you do. And once hair begins to split at the end, it will continue up the shaft. Trim off your damaged ends to keep your hair in good shape and minimize breakage.

5. Balance moisture and protein

Moisture is very important for curly hair but if you are not careful, you might end up over-moisturizing your tresses. There must be a good balance of moisture and protein. Hair with good protein structure can absorb and retain moisture better, thus it is healthier and less prone to breakage. To ensure a good balance between moisture and protein, observe your hair. Too much moisture makes your hair very elastic while too much protein makes it hard and tough, almost like a brillo pad.

Usually, over-moisturized hair can be repaired with just one session of medium protein deep conditioner treatment. In case of too much protein, weekly treatments of moisture rich deep conditioner should correct the problem.

How do you deal with hair breakage?

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