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Dianne Austin
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8 Really Good Reasons To Stop Straightening Your Hair and Go NaturalWe’ve heard ad nauseum that relaxers not only cause serious damage to our hair but that the chemicals in relaxers are in fact a health risk.

But there are so many other reasons, (and benefits) to going natural:

1. You begin to learn about your “real” hair and all of its beauty. Whether you label your hair coily, curly, wavy or “nappy”, going natural brings us in touch with who we really are.

2. Natural hair is beautiful and a real head turner. Although more women are choosing to go natural, you still stand out in a crowd of straight, or weaved-hair women!

3. Prevents scalp damage and hair loss. Straightening with chemicals in particular can cause scalp burns and permanent hair loss.

4. Your hair grows really fast! Well it grows at its normal rate but it seems faster because the hair is not being broken off by straightening it.

5. Your hair looks fuller and thicker.  What is more beautiful than thick, lush, healthy-looking hair? Over time, women who continually straighten their hair complain about how thin it looks and lament about how thick “it used to be before I started relaxing my hair”.

6. You can indirectly educate the masses about the beauty of natural hair. I’m not advocating per se that naturals have to represent and educate those who are ignorant about natural hair.  But, if natural hair becomes more mainstream because more women are wearing their hair in its natural state, it will start to become a more accepted styling choice and we will start to minimize the issues of discrimination that some naturals face in the workplace or at school just because they choose to wear their hair “differently”.

7. Eliminate or minimize the anxiety around “messing up” our hairstyle. Raining? Who cares! Want to go for a swim? Sure! No more worries about the cost of restyling straightened hair.

8.  Save money. Enough said.

Share your reasons for going natural as well as the benefits that you’ve experienced in the comments below.

Author: Dianne

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