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Dianne Austin
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The Benefits of Hair Steaming For Natural Hair

I’ve always loved the benefits of a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning eliminates dryness and maximizes moisture retention, which is the key to minimizing damaged, straw-like hair.

I recently discovered the benefits of hair steaming over deep conditioning under a hooded dryer and I haven’t looked back.

Hair steaming is a process where you basically apply steam to freshly washed and conditioned hair; leaving the conditioning on the hair during the steam process. I think that deep conditioning using steam is much better than deep conditioning under a hot dryer which radiates dry heat. Dry heat can lead to dryness if you are not careful. Steam conditioning your hair on the other hand is like moisturizing on steroids.

How Hair Steaming Works

The steam looks much like a fine foggy mist.  This water drenched “mist” swells the hair cuticle; lifting up the cuticle layer and allowing not only the moisture from the steam into the hair shaft where it is needed the most, but it creates a pathway for the rich ingredients in your deep conditioning product to really work on healing your hair from the inside, out.

Unlike a deep conditioning treatment under a conventional hair dryer, you don’t need to wear a plastic cap while steaming since it is important to get the moisturizing benefits of the water from the steam into the hair shaft. After steaming, just rinse out your conditioner as usual.  Using a cool to cold water rinse really helps to smooth the cuticle and seal in all of the wonderful water and conditioning benefits that you’ve gained from steaming.

Additional Benefits Of Steaming
  • Quickly eliminates dry hair due to its unparalleled moisture infusion.
  • Effectively helps to unclog a dry and flaky scalp.
  • Adds curl definition for those with defined natural curls and kinks because steaming locks in moisture.
  • Helps to eliminate frizz
  • Your hair will not only look moisturized and healthy but feel moisturized – because it is – from the inside out.
  • Ten minutes is all that you need to get the benefits of steam.
Steamer Types and Prices

There are all types of hair steamers ranging from table top to floor model hair steamers.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good steamer; just be sure to read the specifications to make sure that it is the right type for your needs. And if you happen to have a steam shower in your home or at the gym, then you really have it made!

You can check out steamers below, or go to your local beauty supply store, which may also carry a variety of brands.  Definitely check out Huetiful Steamers which offers a table top steamer with a facial steamer attachment.

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