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Do you ever wonder why it is they ask you to wear gloves when applying relaxers to your hairs?  If the product can be harmful to the skin on your hands, what do you think it does to your very exposed scalp?

I recently had the opportunity to write a blog post for a Salon Finder Magazine, and the research process was a great reminder of why I chose to go natural.  Despite the challenges I may face every once in a while, going back will never be an option.  Led by Lauren Wise of Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center,  researchers found that the two-to-three times higher rate of fibroids among Black women may be linked to chemical exposure through scalp lesions and burns resulting from relaxers.  Cancer rates were also found to be lower in women who have natural hair than those that have chemically treated hair, in research conducted by the FDA in 1994.

This information should not surprise us, however, because of the ingredients found in these kits. Including the very same ingredients found in a container of Drano, strong enough to dissolve protein. Why would anyone think that there could be any benefit to putting this on their scalp, unfortunately I can say that I once did.

Health vs Appearance

What I didn’t understand was that although my hair had the appearance of looking better, it was actually very damaged.  What looks like straight hair is actually limp, lifeless hair. The hair needs even more moisture, because it is dry, brittle, and weak due to the lack of protein bonds.

Natural hair is fuller, has a natural shine, and not only looks healthier but is healthier as well. One thing I have loved about having natural hair is that it has inspired me to have an overall healthier lifestyle.

If you have natural hair, what do you love most about your natural hair journey?  Are there natural hair products you would love me to review?

Many women choose chemically treated hair because they feel it looks better and is easier to maintain, at least I can honestly say these are the reasons I chose to have relaxed hair.  I didn’t like working with my hair texture and I was so used to having straight hair, that getting used to working my damaged hair was just too challenging.  Having to start over as well was just too daunting.

Author: Nancy Laws

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