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Dianne Austin
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Black Women with Natural Hair - My Reflections
I’ve been natural for over three years and it has been quite the eye opening journey.

I have made a point of absorbing everything there is to learn about natural hair and the women that choose to wear their hair natural. My general observations:

There are still vestiges of that old school belief that natural hair needs to be straightened to be acceptable.

I see many more black women wearing their hair natural than even three years ago, yet there are people who don’t believe in letting “live and let live”. Some people just don’t like the look, which is fine.  To each his own.  Then there are those who feel the need to let us know what they think about our choice to not straighten our hair.  Comments like, “are you going to do something with your hair” – or worse – serve no purpose and don’t faze most Naturalistas.  It is one of the many reasons why I believe that …

Women who chose to wear their hair natural have a lot of confidence.

Have you ever watched a woman with beautiful, kinky, coily, or curly hair walk into a room or stroll down the street?  There is an air of confidence that is indisputable.  Now, there may be women thinking, “Is there a beautician in the house”?  I choose to believe that most are thinking, “I love her hair”!   Regardless of the reason, natural hair turns heads and women who chose to wear their hair in its natural state have to exude confidence. People are watching.

Naturalista’s are hair product junkies!  Or maybe we just love to experiment. Every Naturalisa that I know has at a minimum four or more different hair products that they use, are about to use, or no longer care to use.

We love trying new products or searching for the holy grail of creams, gels, and elixirs that will detangle, moisturize, curl or defrizz.  I have my staple products, but I love trying new products based on other natural women’s recommendations.

We are product chemists who love experimenting with making our own DIY products. We are known for making wonderful concoctions that nourish, revitalize and enrich our hair.  In fact, many of the products that we buy started in a Naturalista’s kitchen!

Gotta love my natural haired sisters!

Author: Dianne

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