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Dianne Austin
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Image Courtesy of Atlanta Black Star

The Atlanta Black Star posted a compelling article, on what the author shares are the “9 things that white people don’t understand about black, (women’s) hair”.  What I loved about the article is the general perspective, (and corresponding pictures) shared on the following 9 focal points relating to a black woman’s relationship with her hair:

  1. Black Women Do Not Have To Wash Their Hair Everyday
  2. Oil Is Actually Good For Black Hair
  3. Black Hair Can Shrink
  4. Not Every Black Woman That You See With Long Hair Has Extensions
  5. Black Hair Comes In a Variety of Textures
  6. A Black Women’s Natural Hair Is Not Unprofessional or Unkempt
  7. Black Women Aren’t Trying to Make a Rebellious Statement By Wearing Their Hair Natural
  8. Styling a Black Women’s Hair Usually Takes a Lot of Time Natural or Not
  9. There Are Many Reasons Why Black Women Don’t Change Their Hairstyle As Often As White Women Do

I’m not sure that I agree with all of the points.  For example, I can’t agree with number 9 as most black women I know love to change their hairstyles. I also think that the amount of time spent on one’s hair is relative.  I don’t know too many black women who can wash style and “go” in 20 minutes but 45 – minutes to an hour to style one’s hair may seem very fast if you are someone who spends two hours on your hair.

You can read the full article here.  Natural Haircare News would love to know your opinions on the article, so leave a comment below.

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