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Natural Hair Commentary from Around the World: Out of the Mouths of Babes:  One Young Girl’s View on Natural Hair

It is wonderfully refreshing to see young people embrace their natural hair. But what is even more amazing to me is gaining insights from young people who truly understand that good hair versus bad hair is just a fallacy that we as a people need to get over and quick.

In the article, “Zaire’s Corner: Pretty Hair is All one Big Myth” courtesy of “Today in Bermuda” online, young Zaire shares her perspectives on why we need to move beyond the straight hair = good and nappy hair = bad delusion that we have passed on from one generation to the next.

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Pretty Hair is One Big Myth
By Zaire DeShields-Outerbridge

Throughout history black people with “nappy” hair have been made to think that they should be ashamed of the texture of their tresses.

The problem has elevated to the extent that if your hair isn’t relaxed, wavy or loosely curled then your hair is ugly. I am guilty of giving in to this sentiment as well, but have found myself enormously passionate, that everyone- nappy hair or not- understands the beauty in this coarse texture hair. It may seem like I’m ranting on about nothing, but I realize now how preposterous it is that this enslaved mindset thrives amongst the people of Bermuda as well as throughout the world.

It sickens me that people are so closed-minded as to think that “pretty” or “good’ hair only refers to people whose hair aren’t as tangled and tight as 4c type hair. And it sickens me even worse to know that this virus has spread throughout the island and world. I feel nothing is wrong with perming or texturizing your hair, but I do see the wrong in this when the only reason for this is to be able to accept yourself and be accepted by society. I would love to see more people with thick, coarse, “nappy” hair to embrace their texture more. It absolutely lightens my heart and encourages me when I see someone with such thick hair, who is confident in the grain of their locks. I feel that nappy hair should be perceived on the same equilibrium of beautiful, that Portuguese hair or Indian or relaxed hair (grain that is of popular fancy in Bermuda) is on.

I’ve always -and sometimes still -find myself wishing that I too had “pretty” hair, but never realized that pretty hair is all one big myth. Pretty hair doesn’t come in the form of a specific texture, the same as how beauty doesn’t come in a particular shape, colour or ethnicity. Celebrities such as Solange Knowles have inspired and encouraged me to fall in love and be prideful of the way my natural hair looks and feels. I hope that people will be able to accept their natural hair textures, even if it isn’t society’s perception of acceptable, and would love to see more Bermudians not only accepting their tresses but also being more open minded to what real beauty is. I‘m also aspiring that I’ll be able to soon build up the courage to eliminate perms from my routine.

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2 Responses to Natural Hair Commentary from Around the World: Out of the Mouths of Babes: One Young Girl’s View on Natural Hair

  1. Zaire DeShields-Outerbridge says:

    Omg thank you so much for promoting my work. 💖

    • Dianne says:

      Thank you for sharing your perspective! Keep sharing and if you would like to post any articles with us relating to your natural hair journey, we would be happy to publish and spread the word. – Dianne

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