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A Must Read For Natural Hair Nazis

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It is to my knowledge that a natural Youtuber, Breanna Rutter, has decided to ditch her natural hair and join team relaxer because her relaxed hair is more maintainable. My question is, so what?

Why must this decision turn into an epic spectacle to be marked down in history as a “natural” holiday event? Excuse my personification, but I have unruly and disobedient 4C hair, so I understand the struggle.

It is a hassle to get our hair to behave. Washing, detangling, deep conditioning and styling is an all-day marathon that can tire the soul in a matter of minutes. Besides, we are productive members of society, at least I’d like to assume.

I’m sure a lot of us have work, go to school and have families to take care of, as well as other responsibilities outside of the home. Furthermore, we have our sisters who are constantly on the go and women who simply do not have the patience to deal with their coils. I’d say that a relaxer is the best solution for them.

I’ve heard plenty of folks say that: “Natural hair isn’t for everyone”. I firmly hold that statement to its truth. This statement doesn’t solely focus on the physical appearance of natural hair, that isn’t the point my friends; it’s the time and labor that goes behind natural hair, it’s like a secondary job for some people.

I’m quite certain that my words will cause an uproar for the curly headed Nazis, but ya’ll need to be informed: Hop off of other girls’ hair shafts! If a woman decides to relax her hair, understand that she is not the Benedict Arnold of the natural hair community, she is simply a grown woman owning her truth.

If you can no longer maintain your natural hair and you want to relax it, just do it. At the end of the day you’ll be staying true to yourself and your capabilities which is humbling for not only yourself but to others as well.

I declare that there no longer be persecution of our sisters who choose to get their hair relaxed. Please remember to be logical and not fanatical. Do keep in my mind that on broader spectrum we are living in unique times in which history is being repeated all over again. Thusly, now is not the time to flaunt whether or not you are team natural or team relaxer. Now is the time to unify as a people no matter what our hair texture is.

Unfortunately true utopia-like unity is not achievable in our community as long as colorism persists, as well as hair texture discrimination, and the self-perpetuation of stereotypes. My hair journey is free to the public, and I will still encourage women to wear their natural hair. However, when it boils down to the reality and the natural rights of people, it is not my place to be the judiciary decider nor the dictator over how another woman chooses to wear her hair.

Author: Amanda

Contributing Writer: AmandaI’m Jamaican-American; I come from a family known for having long hair. So of course when my hair didn’t budge an inch it was a disappointment. I decided to go natural after another horrible weave in the fall of 2013. My mother was opposed to the idea. However, after a bad relaxer, my mother had to do a big chop. It was inspiring for me to see a woman her age do a big chop, considering the fact that she’d been chemically altering her hair since she was in her teens. I decided that same year that I didn’t want to wait for the relaxer to leave; I wanted to give it an early eviction. In June of 2014, after several months of transitioning, I cut off my relaxed hair texture. Of course, my stylist was upset, but for the first time after many years, I saw my hair in its natural state. I’ll never forget that moment.

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