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Power of the Afro Puff

When 7 year old Natalie’s mom, Angie, realized her daughter was having reading and self-esteem issues, she got busy correcting those challenges.

Introducing The Adventures of Moxie Girl! A young black superhero character whose magic afro puffs “transforms what she believes to be flaws into superpowers to save her community”.

Their character creation is obviously significant on so many fronts and here’s a few of the ways I think how:

  • Another young black girl realizes her beauty, intelligence, and power.
  • She raises her self-esteem through self-awareness and as a by product does so for other young black girls as well.
  • Natalie has, reportedly, developed a love of books that can only continue to increase over time. The natural outcome being improvement in her reading and writing skills.
  • Her imagination has been expanded (a mind once expanded can never go back).
  • Her entrepreneurial spirit has been awakened.

I’m sure you can think of a few more.

Bravo to Natalie and her Mom. My guess is that we’ll be looking at The Moxie Girl series franchise for a long time to come. Continue to give them support by “Liking” their Facebook Page.

I’ll end by saying, what’s great about Natalie and Angela’s example, is that it reminds us all that anything is possible when you put your moxie to it.

How are you making a difference in terms of your own and a young person’s self-esteem, particularly around natural hair, and standards of beauty?

Author: Pamela

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