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Naturalista Entrepreneur The First Black Woman To Be Awarded a Patent for Natural Hair Care Product That Saves Time For Busy Women

Gwen Jimmere, CEO of Naturalicious

Let’s start with why being the first person to be awarded a patent for natural hair products is important.

Patenting a product prevents competitors from selling or using the product while that patent is in place. Talk about a competitive advantage! In a billion dollars+ per year marketplace that is flooded with natural hair products, patenting your product invention is a smart move.

Gwen Jimmere, CEO of Naturalicious developed an all in one hair product based on her interest in speeding up her hair routine after having a baby and patented her invention. The product – is an “all in one” product made of Rhassol Clay that acts as a cleanser, conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner all in one. Jimmere’s Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment effectively helped to save time in her hair styling process.

Before even deciding to patent and sell her product, she got the stamp of approval from friends and family willing to pay her to make the product for them!

The entrepreneur says that her products help women who want great looking hair to save time and money with their styling routine.

The product line has expanded since the company’s inception. Check out the Naturalicious products below or go to Naturalicious.net to find stores near you.



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