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A Lost Black Man: A Natural Hair PerspectiveI came across an interesting article speaking to the subject: “Do all Black Men Hate Their Nappy Hair”.

The writer wrote the article from a perspective, after apparently reading comments that Charles Barkley made (and has made throughout his career) about black people and image.  Her assessment – he is filled with self-hate.

I’m always drawn to read the comments from the writers readership after such bold commentary. I think it can be just as telling what the prevailing thought is, not just regarding that specific article but in general, when doing so.

Depending on where we are in our evolutionary unfoldment and what life has wrought and taught us, good, bad or indifferent, we respond accordingly.

I think in this case some valid points go unheard. And whether we agree with everything a blogger or Op Ed writer has to say, (I did not in this case), it is their personal opinion and perspective after all, the question is, do we throw out the baby with the bath water?

In 2015, we are definitely still dealing with those who believe Blacks, (men and women), who wear their hair natural, need to run to the nearest relaxer kit, hot comb or barbershop. And there are as many reasons for that way of thinking as there are people.

Is Charles Barkley a “lost Black man”? As more and more, black women in particular, accept themselves in all their kinky glory, are there still that many more who don’t? The ones who don’t, are they conforming based on a conscious or unconscious, seemingly ideal approved of aesthetic, or just exercising their power of choice?

Dina Tuff sure has a lot to say about it. Check it out here and then come back and let us know what you think.



Author: Pamela

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