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Just what is “wash and wear” hair”?

Wash and wear hair can refer to a few things but in its most descriptive  and colorful sense, it refers to hair that gets wet and when it dries, it looks completely different, (due to shrinkage, loss of hair definition, etc), than it did before it was wet. It is most often used in its more “colorful” descriptor:

Girl, I’m not doing the ice bucket challenge. I don’t have that wash and wear hair”!

The phrase “wash and wear hair” can be used in a way that has nothing to do with getting the hair wet and everything to do with time it takes to style their hair as in:

“You want me to be ready when? My hair is not wash and wear so I need at least an hour to get my hair together.”

POLL: Is Wash and Wear Hair Fact or Fiction for Naturals?Basically, it’s the difference between being able to roll out of bed, fluff your hair, or maybe put a little styling product or water on it and walking out the door versus, spending time manipulating your hair via twist or braid outs or some other form of styling assistance to get the style that you want.

Using the phrase “wash and wear hair” is more of a colorful descriptor and should not be confused with the phrase “wash and go“, a popular term in the natural hair world. Wash and go’s are a styling practice where you literally wash your hair, add your styling product of choice and then go on about your business!

I have a confession:  Myself and a few of my friends and family use the term – not sure that it is really broadly used! It is a humorous description that always gives me a chuckle though.  Maybe others use the term?  Leave a comment below and let me know! And be sure to take our quick poll:

Is Wash and Wear Hair a Fact or Fiction for Naturals?

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