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Guest Post: Five Reasons Why YouTube Is Dangerous For Your Natural Afro Hair

I know you are probably wondering why the use of the word dangerous is associated with something as beneficial and educative as YouTube. The reason is because of the several unhealthy natural hair practices that take place on YouTube. I will like to acknowledge the fact that YouTube can be very beneficial for managing your natural hair when you know what to watch out for. I have highlighted the things to watch out for as far as natural hair is concerned in what I call ‘the beware series’.

First of all, I will like to say beware of newbies posing as experts: YouTube is full of self-made professionals and experts with no experience. As far as natural hair is concerned, you will find someone that immediately starts giving advice immediately after their big chop (cutting off relaxed hair). This does not fail to amuse me. Even more amusing is the fact that people even start to listen and follow the advice only to end up ruining their own hair. These so called experts are ready to experiment with anything in desperate efforts to grow out their natural hair. I would say beware of such people. There is no limit to the ridiculousness of the advice this classification of individuals give so beware!!!

Second, beware of career experimenters: Similar to the newbies posing as professionals are the career experimenters. These individuals have a stock pile of hair products in their shelves. It is absolutely mind boggling to see the stash these people accumulate in their homes. They keep on experimenting with several products and giving misleading advice. The combination of several products can often result in negative or positive effects on the hair so following the advice of these kinds of people may leave you wondering what you are doing wrong especially if you have the same hair texture as them. They cannot even accurately tell you which product or combination of products is working for them so there is no need to pay attention to this classification of individuals so beware!!!

Third, beware of paid product endorsers: OK so with the proliferation of the internet, companies have realized that they do not need to spend much money on media advertising like newspapers, television and radio when they can spend relatively less on social media advertising using product endorsers. These product endorsers are paid to present the product to their followers in appealing ways. Using the product, the product endorser presents a highly optimistic view of the capabilities of the product to the followers that trust his or her opinion. This of course has the potential to drive up sales whether the product is able to deliver the proclaimed benefit or not so I say beware!!!

Fourth, beware of paid or compensated product reviewers: Product reviewers are numerous nowadays. They also abound in many forms not only on YouTube but on personal blogs all over the internet. They are compensated with money, free or discounted products. In some cases though some YouTube reviewers say the truth or rather, they give a long disclaimer about how they are only giving their honest opinions but then what would you expect from someone who is hoping to get more products to review in the future as a way of sustenance. However, I am saying their honesty can only go as far as their financial security goes so I’d say beware!!!

Fifth, beware of product ambassadors: natural hair product ambassadors are usually people with fabulous hair selected by natural hair product companies to represent them by posing as users of the product. You can be sure that these ambassadors previously knew nothing about the product they are selected to represent. It is not really possible for these kinds of individuals to be completely honest about how the product works on their hair. The conflict of interest just makes this not very realistic so if you are basing your choice to purchase on their advice then you might be making a huge mistake so please beware!!!

You are probably wondering so who do we listen to. My candid advice is to listen to your own hair. Now this might sound stupid as your hair probably doesn’t talk but trust me it speaks in different ways. When your hair is breaking, shedding excessively and not retaining moisture it is probably telling you that you are doing something wrong. So pause for a while and carry out some attentive experimentation to truly identify what works for your hair and what does not. Look at product labels and see what your hair tolerates or does not tolerate. With time, you will find out how to adequately cater for your gorgeous God given hair all by yourself.

Author: Pamela Izunwanne Jacobs

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  1. Doris Washington says:

    I have been natural for 4 years now, and love it! My hair is si healthy and feels good back to its natural state! I love natural hair care news updates! Thank you..

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