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Dianne Austin
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Alopecia, simply defined as baldness, is a condition that many women of color suffer and in many cases can avoid becoming a victim of.  The condition can take hold of a perfectly healthy scalp due to illness, use of certain medications such as chemotherapy drugs, overly irritating hairstyles such as tight braids, weaves or ponytails, or even female pattern baldness.

One of the most common reasons for hair loss in black women is more often than not self inflicted because of improper hairstyling techniques. We want our edges to lie flat and need those braids to ‘last’ because we paid good money for the style. Achieving our desired look often requires a level of pulling and tugging that will lead to permanent hair loss if not checked.

Noted dermatologist Dr. Angela Lamb shared in the article, “Here’s What’s Really Happening When Your “Hair Hurts” shares that hairstyles that require positioning your hair in one direction such as an updo or ponytail, or braids that are too tight is the perfect recipe for traction alopecia, a gradual loss of hair in the area of tension.

But one of the first signs of impending damage and potential hair loss might just be soreness caused by nerve ending irritation – a warning sign that you do not want to ignore.

“Here’s What’s Really Happening When Your ‘Hair Hurts’ is a must read for anyone who wants to avoid what might eventually turn into permanent hair loss by understanding some of the warning signs. And be sure to check out Dr. Lamb’s website.



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