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Marcus Woods

Marcus Woods, Contributing Writer

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of brotha loves natural hair women? A brotha that brims with delight when he sees a sista rocking her curly, kinky twist. As a black man who loves natural hair, I can give you some insight on this type of man.

The following 3 things are characteristics of a black man that’s feeling your natural hairdo:

He Is Attracted to Black Women

You may be going “duh” to this but hear me out. Black women look beautiful no matter what hairstyle they rock; regardless if it’s an afro, lacefront, weave, or wig. However, it’s something about seeing a sista that wear the hairstyle they were blessed with.

Every time I seen my ex-girlfriend wear her curly, kinky hair, it made my blood boil in private places. Admittingly, she looked nice in Eurocentric hairstyles too. But, when she decided to go natural, it elevated her beauty. It’s hard to describe but it’s like her black beauty radiated brighter than ever. Other black men who have witnessed their black wife or girlfriend undergo this hair transition shares my sentiment.

He Is Educated on Black History

As a scholarly brotha, I have tons of knowledge on a variety of subjects. However, one subject that outshines them all is black history. While the public education system won’t discuss our history (other than talking about slavery and the Civil Rights movement), we can self-educate ourselves about it. Before perms became popularized in the 20th century, sistas wore their natural hair.

Black men who know their history are appreciative of natural hairstyles. Seeing all the women back in the day with afros and ponytails put in work for the community is the main reason why.

He Is Well-Groomed

To keep it healthy, natural hair needs lots of maintenance. A brotha who’s attracted to natural hair sistas knows that. In fact, most natural hair sistas maintain their whole appearance, from hair to toe. It makes perfect sense. If your hair is going to be fly, the rest of you should be groomed as well.

It’s no coincidence that a brotha who finds you attractive is well-groomed himself. Like a wise man once told me, “You are who you attract.”

Am I right or…am I right? Let me in the comment section below!

Author: Marcus Woods



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