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LaToya Harris
War Between Kitchen Stylists and Professional Stylists?

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Last year, I stumbled upon an internet post that contained a heated conversation between a “kitchen” stylist and professional stylist. The post questioned the professionalism and expertise of kitchen stylists because they work out of the house. It was eye-opening to me because I always thought it was more of the customer’s choice on which type of stylist they preferred, but I guess it’s a cut-throat industry.

For those of you who do not know, kitchen stylists are people who do hair out of their house. It is a popular choice to use the kitchen, so that’s where the term “kitchen” came from. In my opinion, if I am going to let Tamika (whose braiding skills are through the roof) do my hair in her house, there are certain things that I have to take into consideration. I know I’m not going to necessarily have the same type of service I would have if I was at a salon.

On the other hand, I don’t expect for the stylist to be eating and carrying on like I’m not there. By the way, I’ve had that experience before with both salon and kitchen stylists. There is an understanding that if I hire Tamika who is working out of her kitchen, the biggest benefit will be  be that my hair will look like it was done at a salon for a cheaper price.

The professional stylist on the post made the point of saying that if you hire a kitchen stylist, they will not know how to do things like sanitize their tools the correct way. While she has a point and this is one of the things to consider when making the decision of whether to hire a kitchen stylist, it can’t be assumed. Let’s not forget to mention that they might be a licensed cosmetologist and not have a shop.

There are benefits to both kitchen and salon stylists. It depends on what you, the customer wants. Good research and asking questions can help you prevent trouble in the end. I guess the battle will always exist between kitchen and salon stylists, but we have love for them both!


Author: LaToya Harris

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