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Single Dad Shatters Stereotypes About Hairstyling

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While styling little girls’ (and boys’) hair has long been a mother’s domain, dads shouldn’t fear the comb! One single dad in Huntsville, Alabama is showing other fathers how hairstyling is done — a class at a time.

What This Dad Is Doing

Darious Bland has been a single father for seven years, and instead of shying away from styling his daughter’s hair, he’s taking up comb, brush and grooming tools and teaching other men to do the same. He admits that when he began caring for his little girl’s hair, he “didn’t know how to do a basic ponytail,” but now he’s learning how to flat twist and create Bantu knots. His next goal: learning to braid.

Hairstyling isn’t just for women to do, although moms, grandmothers and aunties are usually the ones who take on hair care duties. Caring for a child’s hair does much more than give her a cute style. It leads to stronger bonds because it’s a nurturing process to sit a girl or boy down and carefully create a hairstyle for them. It’s a loving gesture that many men don’t take part in. Sometimes they’re unwilling to, but other times, they’re unable to. Bland is seeking to shatter stereotypes about men taking on styling duties for their daughters.

Can Daddy Do My Hair?

He wants to give back, so in May, he held a workshop for other dads in the area. He details that the men who attended learned about more than just hair; they gained an understanding of the frustrations that moms can sometimes go through during the styling process. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a tenderheaded child knows what he means!

He also has a Facebook page titled Can Daddy Do My Hair? where dads can ask questions and get advice related to hair care for their little girls. It’s truly inspiring to read the positive messages that people have left in response to the movement he’s trying to create.

Yes, men can style their daughters’ hair, too, and forge a closer relationship in the process.


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