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LaToya Harris

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Singer Erica Campbell from the gospel group Mary Mary may be contemplating going natural! The host of the radio show Get Up! Mornings was not feeling her “real hair” last week. Campbell wore her hair curled with a part in the middle. After the curls dropped due to the rain, she took to Instagram to let her fans know she was not pleased.
Erica Campbell released two short Instagram videos with the caption “Real hair issues. I should go natural.” In one of the videos, The singer said, “I had such high expectations for this… wearing my own hair today.” Campbell attempted to finger comb her hair to her liking but was not successful. Many of her fans loved the idea of her going natural. @Denize39 said, “I thought you were natural…do it!…”
Other fans like @pretty_much_so commented on how Erica Campbell could switch between natural and protective styling. She said, “Yes!!! You should go natural!! You can switch it up with a wig or extension if you want a straight look once in awhile.” If Campbell goes natural, she will be joining her younger sisters Tina and GooGoo in their natural hair journeys. Both sisters are also co-stars on WEtv’s reality show “Mary Mary”.
Erica Campbell has been a part of the duo Mary Mary since the late 90s. In 2014, she released her debut solo album entitled “Help.” The album won two Grammys including the category for “Best Gospel Album.” In 2015, Campbell released the album “Help 2.0”.
If Erica Campbell goes natural, we are all here for it!


Author: LaToya Harris

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