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Social Media Beauty for All Ages

Images collaged from Pinterest accounts: NaturalSilverSista, SilverIsSexy, bethannhardison, and

Sure, social media may be dominated by the younger set, but it’s not only for those under 40. When it comes to celebrating natural hair, there are some silver-haired beauties showing that “women of a certain age” can be just as gorgeous and fly as their younger counterparts.

Which Gray-Haired Naturals Should You Check Out?

  • NaturalSilverSista, aka Mildred Bean, is very popular in social media hair circles, and one peek at her Instagram page should show you why! When it comes to all natural locks — no color, no chemicals — she shows just how gorgeous they can be. Her shiny silver bob-like cut has such a lush, healthy sheen to it. Plus, she’s not afraid to switch up her style.
  • Looking at the Instagram account for SilverIsSexy will have you saying, “Yes, it sure is!” Her stated mission is to “rewrite the books on aging and shatter myths about gray hair.” If you thought gray hair was only for little old ladies in rocking chairs, she’ll make you think again.
  • Model Teruko Burrell‘s bio specs read that her hair is “salt and pepper” — whether you want to call it that or call it silver, her tresses are gorgeous however you describe them.
  • Bethann Hardison, former model — and yes, Kadeem Hardison’s mommy! — has long worked to increase diversity in the fashion industry. She normally sports a beautiful gray teeny weeny afro (TWA).

Embracing Your Grays

Maybe you’re not excited about “maturing,” but you don’t have to let it get you down, especially when you see how vibrant and radiant many women continue to be long into their 60s, 70s and beyond! Instead of hiding those grays — which can often be time-consuming and costly — consider accepting them, and even showing them off.

Want more inspiration to embrace your grays, whether you have a few newbie strands coming in or you’ve been a silver fox for a while? This Pinterest search is full of vibrant images of women loving their grays and wearing them in a huge variety of chic styles.


Author: Del Sandeen

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