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We’re Here for the #BlackHairChallenge

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In a society that’s not quick to celebrate all things related to black beauty, black people often have to take the lead in celebrating themselves. Whether it’s loudly proclaiming “I’m Black and I’m Proud” along with James Brown or no longer beating our curls and kinks into submission, today’s black pride movement is able to reach much farther and wider than ever before thanks to social media.

What’s the #BlackHairChallenge?

In light of fostering more positivity surrounding black hair, Twitter user @melaninmamis created this challenge as a way for people of color to share photos of themselves sporting various hairstyles (four, to be exact). Twitter users took to the social media platform in droves, with many of them showing off their natural texture. In doing so, it’s easy to see just how incredibly versatile our hair can be. From braids to afros to pixie cuts and weaves, black women (and some men!) had a blast demonstrating the huge range of looks our hair can create.

Many users couldn’t stop at just four images, however, so a lot of multi-photo collages can also be seen with the hashtag. After all, how many hairstyles have you worn in the past month? Or year? Probably many more than four! Why not show them all off?

Making Our Beauty Go Viral

When black beauty goes viral, especially as it relates to black hair — which can still be such a politically charged subject — it contributes to a more diverse definition of beauty. It shows that there’s way more than one type of beautiful and acceptable hair texture in our culture, or at least that there should be. Black folks have to take the lead in showcasing our beauty because who else is going to do it? We have to demonstrate an appreciation and love for our hair and skin before we expect anyone else to.

As Melanin Mamis said: “This hashtag bleeds confidence, support, good vibes and infinite possibilities.” And we’re here for it.


Author: Del Sandeen

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