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Marcus Woods
Why Natural Hair Should Be Acceptable In Every Setting

A natural hair show in Philly. Image from phillyvoice.com.

“I’m sure my natural hairstyle prevented me from getting a couple of jobs.”

These words are uttered (or thought) by countless corporate sistas in America. Let’s face it: Some White employers are intimated by your natural hairstyle. For centuries, they have viewed your natural hair as “unkempt” and “unprofessional.” Are they right? Of course, not!

You shouldn’t allow the racist views of others make you feel that your hair is unacceptable. As long as your natural hair is neatly done, then you should have no outside problems with it. Here are three reasons why your natural hair should be acceptable in every setting.

Your Qualifications Gets You the Job, Not Your Hairstyle

The last time I checked, how qualified you are for a job position isn’t based on your hairstyle. What employer is going to choose a sista because they wore a lace front instead of a bun? Sure, wearing a blown-out afro isn’t the “ideal” hairstyle choice for an interview, but it shouldn’t determine your job eligibility. And if it does, I advise you not to work for that company.

Your Natural Hair Is Meant to Please You, Not Anybody Else

In this social media age, it seems that more and more people are doing anything for “likes” and “shares.” The current culture is hungry for attention. Personally, I could care less if my social media post(s) gets a 1000+ shares and likes. As a natural hair lady, you should have that same mentality. You made the decision to go natural because you wanted to do something that would please you, right? Well why reverse course and start wearing your hair in a style that pleases others? Remember, your natural hair is only meant to please you. It’s up to the rest of the world if they want to “like” and “share” that.

Even When Your Hair Was Permed & Straightened Out, You Still Was Black

Here are the facts: The only reason black women started perming their hair was to assimilate with white culture, particularly in the workforce. This has been occurring since the abolishment of slavery. Here is another fact: You are still black. No matter if you’re rocking braids or a blond lace front, you are still a black woman. This is how society views you no matter what hairstyle you wear. So, you might as well forget about trying to fit in and embrace your naturalness.


‘Forget what the outside world say, my natural hair is here to stay!’ Let that be your mantra moving forward. There isn’t a job lucrative enough that should make you compromise who you are. Embrace your naturalness, sista.


Author: Marcus Woods

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