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Hair Love: Torrei Hart's Natural Hair Care Line

Torrei Hart and her wonderful kids!
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Some women find their natural hair inspiration in their children. Torrei Hart, comedian Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, says she was inspired by her daughter, Heaven, to create her natural hair care line, Heavenly Hart by Nzuri. Torrei didn’t just come up with product names — she was actively involved and worked closely with Nzuri’s CEO and co-founder. Together, they worked on creating products that address hair growth as well as hair loss, an issue that affects many African-American women.

She told “I want her [daughter Heaven] to feel empowered and have that sense of, ‘This is who God made me. I am beautiful no matter what.'” For Torrei, it’s about creating a legacy that her daughter can be proud of.

Not only does Torrei want to empower girls, she also wants women to find the power within themselves and love themselves as they are. She’s made that her natural beauty mission. Torrei rocks a head full of gorgeous locs, and since making the decision to loc her hair, she’s been interested in natural hair care. She rejects the idea that some people have about natural hair not being sexy. “I wanted to show that that’s not true. I have locs and I feel more sexy with locs…”

She also believes that healthy, natural ingredients and products are the starting point for beautiful hair. In Heavenly Hart, you’ll find no parabens, silicones, petroleum, wax, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s a vegan line, so vegans will find something to love, too.



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